Why Use Local Numbers?

Learn the the pros and cons of local numbers

When you are starting a small business, you will need to put some consideration into whether you want a local number, a toll-free phone number or both for your company. Where are your customers? Where will they be calling you from?

You will need to weigh the pros and cons of local numbers versus toll-free numbers to make the decision best suited for your business.

Local Numbers

Local numbers have become the preferred choice in recent years amongst successful businesses. When a customer is in search of products and services, local directories are an oft-used resource. 

When you select a local number for your place of business, you can advertise in directories all throughout your community. Because residents take pride in their community and are becoming more eco-conscious, many of them prefer to invest in a local business rather than a large global corporation (don’t believe us? calls it the “(STILL) MADE HERE trend: the comeback of all things local”). If you want to show your customers you operate locally, one of the best ways to do so is to choose a local phone number.

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Toll Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers have advantages as well. One of the main reasons business owners choose a toll-free number is because it shows customers they are dedicated to offering free customer service.

With unlimited long distance cell phones and home phones, though, this advantage is not as great as it once was. Toll-free numbers do allow you to create catchy vanity numbers that customers can remember easily though. Customer recall will increase sales conversions and call volumes.

Whether you choose a local or toll free number, the decision is entirely up to you and what you feel is best for your business.

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