Virtual PBX Glossary

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855 is the most recent toll free prefix released by the FCC. 855 acts the same way as other toll free numbers (800, 888, 877, 866).


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ACD Queue
ACD, or Automatic Call Distribution, allows callers to be put on hold in order until someone can take their call.
Activation Fee
The fee assessed upon activation of an account.
Additional Minutes
Additional minutes refer to the minutes used over the included amount. The number of included minutes is dependent on your plan.
After-hours Greeting
A greeting designed to play outside of business hours. These often let customers know you are out of the office and what steps they should take to reach you.
Answering Rules
Answering rules give you the ability to choose how incoming calls are handled.
Auto Receptionist
See Auto-Attendant or Custom Main Greeting
Auto-attendant (also referred to as custom main greeting) automatically greets and directs callers to the appropriate extension using a pre-recorded message chosen by you.
Away greeting
A greeting specifically designed for the times you are not in the office. See After-hours greeting.


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Call Announce
Call announce lets you hear who is calling you before you pick up the call. Hear the number, send them to voicemail or pick up the call.
Call Forwarding
The ability to forward calls from one phone number or extension to another.
Call Logs
Call logs allow you to see statistics on your incoming calls. View missed calls, messages, hangups and more.
Call Out
The ability to call out using your Grasshopper virtual phone number.
Call Reports
See Call Logs
Call Routing
Directing calls toward a particular extension or number based on set answering rules.
Call Screening
Call screening lets you see who is calling your before you pick up. Hear the number of the caller, send them to voicemail or pick up the call.
Caller ID
Caller ID provides you with the phone number of the person calling you.
Cloud Phone System
Cloud-based phone system is a newer term, similar to virtual phone that identifies a phone system that is run through the internet, or cloud.
Completed Call
Incoming call that ended up in voicemail.
Conference Calling
A call in which multiple parties can join and participate in the call.
Custom Greetings
Custom greetings allow you to create the message your callers hear when dialing your company.
Custom Toll Free
See Vanity Number


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A department is a 1-digit extension used to direct your caller to a specific department rather than a specific person.
Dial-by-Name Directory
Dial-by-name directory allows callers to find a person's extension by searching for their first or last name.
Direct Connect
Direct Connect allows you to send the call directly to the destination phone number.
Distribution Lists
Distribution lists are lists you can create within your Grasshopper account, giving you the ability to send one message to multiple voicemail extensions.
Due Date
The Due Date is the earliest date that our underlying carrier can request for your local number transfer to take place depending on your current provider's interval.


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Extensions are additional telephones wired to the same telephone line as another, often used in business offices.


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Fax on Demand
The ability for both you and your customers to access faxes through your Grasshopper number 24/7.
Follow Me Calling
A call that is forwarded to another telephone number or a list of pre-configured numbers to reach you wherever you are.


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GotVMail was the original name of the Grasshopper virtual phone system. It was re-branded to Grasshopper in 2009.


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Hosted PBX
A private branch exchange located at and managed by a telephone service provider, with features and calls delivered via the Internet.


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Included Minutes
The number of minutes included in your Grasshopper plan. This includes both toll free and local calls.
Informational Extensions
Extensions that allow a caller to access information through pre-recorded messages. The caller can not leave a message only listen.
Internet Fax
A fax sent or received over the internet versus a standard telephone line.


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Local Number
A local number is a geographical number that contains an area code which corresponds to a state or city.


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Main Greeting
Main greeting (or auto-attendant) is the first thing a caller hears when dialing your number. The main greeting can direct them to where they need to be.
Monthly Fee
A fee assessed to an account on a monthly basis. Typically associated with subscription-based services.
Music on Hold
Music or a message that is played while callers remain on hold.


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Name Directory
See Dial-by-Name Directory
Number Portability
The ability to port or transfer your telephone number from one service provider to another.
Number Transfer
The ability to transfer your telephone number from one service provider to another. Often to referred to as number porting.


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Online Call Reports
A report containing your call history, voicemails, minute usage and more that can be accessed through your online account.


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PBX or private branch exchange is a telephone exchange that serves a particular business or office.
PBX Connect
If you have a PBX with an auto-attendant, PBX connect is a way for Grasshopper to interact with your PBX and forward calls to extensions in your office.
Porting allows you to transfer your number from one telephone service provider to another.


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Q & A Extensions
Question and answer extensions ask callers pre-recorded questions which they can then answer. The entire voicemail is then wrapped into one message.


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Read Your Voicemail
Also known as voicemail transcription, Read Your Voicemail transribes your voicemail and emails it to you.
Regulatory Recovery Fee
This is a surcharge that Grasshopper charges to help defray the costs incurred by complying with telecommunications obligations and charges imposed by State and Federal governments, and State and Federal Universal Service Charges.


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Small and medium business
Small office/Home office


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Text Voicemail
See voicemail transcription
Toll Free Number
A phone number in which the called party is charged the cost of the call. In the U.S, a toll free number is designated by a prefix (800, 888, 877, 866, 855)
Toll Free Rates
The cost per minute incurred when using a toll free number. The cost is assessed to the owner of the number versus the caller.
Transfer Call
Portion of the transfer during which the person who is initiating the transfer is trying to reach the person to whom the call will be transferred.
True 800 Number
A true 800 number is a toll free number with an 800 prefix. Ex: 800-820-8210


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Unlimited Call Handling
A feature that allows you to take multiple incoming calls at the same time ensuring the callers never hear a busy signal.
Users are the various individuals set up under one account. The account admin can create extensions and set different permissions for each user.


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Vanity Number
A vanity number is a toll free number that uses letters instead of numbers. Ex: 800-Flowers
Virtual Fax
A fax that can be sent through your virtual number and viewed online or via email.
Virtual Number
A virtual number is a telephone number without a directly-associated telephone line. The number can be programmed to forward incoming calls to one a pre-set telephone number.
Virtual Office
A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism.
Virtual PBX
A business phone system that has no physical connections such as wires and equipment and is hosted by the service provider.
Virtual Voicemail
A virtual answering machine for your phone. Messages are taken through your virtual PBX and stored in digital format. Voicemails can then be emailed directly to you or stored in your online account.
Voice Studio
A feature which allows professional voice actors to create custom greetings for your business based on a script written by you.
A means of electronically sending, receiving, and storing voice-based messages.
Voicemail to Email
Voicemails that can be delivered as digital audio files to your email inbox.
Voicemail Transcription
The ability to convert a voicemail into written text that can then be read via email or by logging into your account.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the routing of voice calls over the Internet or through any other IP-based network.