Case Study: Homestars

Helping Employees Across the Country

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Helping Employees Across the Country

Homestars is an online community of homeowners, home improvement professionals & companies in Canada and the US who are dedicated to helping other homeowners find reputable repairmen, renovators and retailers. Users can ask questions, read reviews and find the best option for them.

The Problem

The HomeStars’ team is spread out across North America and has employees in six different cities. With a remote staff, getting a new employee set up on the phone system or even ready for training can be difficult.

In the past, they had some “trying times” when it came to their phone service providers — from the totally confusing, to the completely unreliable. They needed a phone service that was easy to set up and easy to use.

The Solution

HomeStars found Grasshopper, “so intuitive it’s really allowed us to get new staff members up and running in no time and we are really thankful for this. Their user interface is super easy to follow and their service, as well as being customizable, has been fantastic.”

The Results

For HomeStars, using Grasshopper made it easy for them for get remote employees set up quickly, allowing customers and potential customers to reach them and have their issues addressed sooner.

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