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Expand Your Business

Exceptional Limo is one of the top Toronto limo services. They provide both luxury transportation and security services to both local residents and VIPs and celebrities throughout the Toronto area.

The Problem

After successfully building his business for 6 years, Moe Bashi of Exceptional Limo, decided to launch a separate entity in addition to his already established website, with the hopes of increasing sales and awareness of his worldwide chauffeur service.

The problem was, he needed to know where his customers were coming from and which site was performing better.

The Solution

In order to track the performance of the websites, Exceptional Limo used two different toll free numbers. They placed a different number on each site, allowing them to see which number customers were calling more often and in turn, which site was generating more sales.

With online call reports & mapping, Exceptional Limo was also able to see where the majority of their customers were calling from, allowing them to better target that particular area.

The Results

Exceptional Limo was able to determine, based on the phone number customers were calling, which site was driving the most traffic. Just by setting up another site and adding a separate toll free number to their Grasshopper account, they saw their call volume increase upwards of 50%.

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