What is Virtual Voicemail?

Understand the benefits of using virtual voicemail

When you own a small business, staying connected is pertinent. If phone lines go down, operating your business can become extremely difficult.

Virtual phone systems have become increasingly popular for business owners who want to stay connected in a professional manner. Your voicemails are stored online and can be accessed from your phone, email or the internet.

Access Your Voicemail Anywhere, Anytime

You understand that returning phone calls in a timely manner is extremely important. Returning a call even when you are out of the office shows that you are punctual and dedicated to servicing your clients. 

With a virtual voicemail system, you can access voicemails from outside lines as well as on the Internet. You can set up your voicemail to be delivered to your email so that even when you are away from the office or in a meeting, you get the message. The email includes an audio attachment and a transcription so you know what the message is about without having the listen. 

Save Your Voicemails

With virtual voicemail, you can save customer messages in your inbox for follow-up. Many companies choose this type of voicemail system because it guarantees quality assurance.

If you have an irate customer or a threatening message, you can save the message in case you need to go to court. Documenting messages is great for improving customer service and legality.

Technology is constantly advancing. If you want a more efficient office, consider the benefits of utilizing virtual systems.  You can track and manage the daily operations of your business in a technologically advanced manner.