The Grasshopper team has heard your feedback, and we listened! Check out the latest Grasshopper product updates based on feedback from our customers.

What’s New

  1. Saving you time with multimedia messages
    In the messaging area of your desktop or phone app, we’ve made improvements to how many images or videos you can send at once. Before, you would only be able to send one image or video per text. Now you can send as many images or videos as you want, up to 1 MB per text. This will reduce the time it takes for you to send multimedia messages and ensure you and your customers are responding to the same thing.
  2. Cleaning up conversations and voicemails made easy
    Gone are the days when you have to delete one conversation or voicemail at a time. Clean up your conversations and voicemails by selecting multiple messages and simply clicking delete. This streamlined workflow will ensure your messages and voicemails are deleted across devices, allowing for a cleaned-up inbox so you can get more done with fewer distractions.
  3. Communicate more effectively with Emoticons 🥳
    Emoticons, or Emojis, help you convey tone and emotion to engage with your customers. They help provide additional context and improve our ability to communicate. That’s why our latest update allows you to send and receive emoticons in messages within the desktop app. The full library of emoticons is available right in your chat window, so you can enhance your communication with customers.
  4. Stay on top of spam calls with our call-blocking improvement
    We all receive calls from unwanted numbers and up until recently, there haven’t been many effective tools for blocking these calls. But now, you can manage your blocked callers from a centralized page in the desktop app. Here, you’ll see all the numbers you have already blocked and if needed, can easily unblock numbers. The call block enhancements are consistent across all devices, making for a better experience across your users.
  5. Stay on top of your notifications with the logged in indicator
    Easily see the status of your presence by checking out the Grasshopper Icon. When you’re logged in, you’ll see a more prevalent green logo, however when you’re logged out the logo will be slightly dimmed. The distinguished states are to help identify when you are logged in or out of the desktop app so that you don’t miss calls or notifications.

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