In today's society, people are working less in the office and therefore the need for a virtual phone system is growing. One industry where this is especially true is Real Estate. Based on feedback from customers in the real estate business, here are a few ways Grasshopper can help:

1) Informational Extensions

You can give your clients information they need without even talking to them! When a client calls an 800 number listed outside a property they're interested in, they can hear specific information about the property, including housing details, address, and contact information.

2) Call Routing Extensions

In any industry involving sales, it’s important that customers never hear a busy signal or wait on hold too long. It's also important in Real Estate that your employees get an equal number of incoming sales calls. Call Routing Extensions make this happen. Call routing extensions can help ensure that all of the agents in the office get an equal number of calls and your customers don't become frustrated by your phone service.

3) Voice mail Features

Being out of the office a lot it's important you don't miss an important message. The great thing about using Grasshopper is that you can have your messages delivered to you no matter where you are. Your voice mails will be emailed to you (along with an MP3) and with the new read your voice mail feature, you can read your message without every having to listen to it. With Grasshopper, you can always check your voice mail when you need it.

Get more information on how Grasshopper can help with your real estate company or check out our full list of features.