By now you’ve all probably heard the extremely long and embarrassing voicemail from a very intoxicated girl named Dominic to her new pal Ryan, where she teaches him how to spell eBay and tells him just how cute he is. The voicemail has been making its rounds on the internet and radio shows across the country, leading to this response video by Ryan himself.

The voicemail is actually a bit hard to listen to but let’s be honest; we’ve all been there. You go to check your messages and there it is, the longest voicemail ever. You can’t wait for it to be over!

In the spirit of bad voicemails, we’ve put together “The 10 Worst Types of Voicemails':

1. The Longest Ever

Instead of giving you a brief summary of why they called, the person proceeds to give you every single detail. Need to know who, what, where and why? No. Well too bad because they just told you. Oh, except they forgot the ‘when’ so I guess you’ll have to call them back.

2. The Loudest Ever

You know this one. You check your message and it sounds like you’re in rush hour traffic. Cars are honking, music’s playing, the wind’s blowing, the stealth bomber is flying directly above you. If you are going to leave a voicemail, please make sure I can hear it.

3. The Pocket

Even with the latest Smartphone technology, pocket dials are still a real thing. The sweet sound of rustling pants or the car radio is delightful to listen to for seven minutes. Good thing I wasn’t close on my minutes this month.

4. The Super-Sonic

Unlike the long voicemail leavers, these people make sure you don’t go over your minutes checking voicemail. You’re not sure exactly what they wanted but you caught a few words in there and 3 of the 7 digits you need to call them back. That works.

5. The “Who Was That?”

If you’re like me, you send most unknown callers to voicemail, expecting they’ll leave a message telling you who they are and what they’re calling about. Of course this doesn’t always happen. You don’t recognize the number and they either said their name way too fast or not at all. You have no idea who just called you! Guess I’ll wait til they call back.

6. The Hang-Up

You have to wonder, “How does this happen?” Did you really just let my entire voicemail play before you decided you weren’t going to leave a message? It’s cool. The sound of your phone hanging up was really lovely.

7. The Recording

Maybe my photos are ready for pick up or maybe I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow but I’m not really sure. Why? Because I only got half of your recorded message! Don’t get me wrong, I like the recording guy’s voice but I’d prefer if he didn’t start talking before the beep.

8. The Walkie-Talkie

You think you know what the voicemail said but you aren’t sure because it cut out for the majority of the message. I can't hear you, you're trailing off and did I catch a niner in there?

9. The Unprepared

Maybe they forgot they were calling you or weren’t expecting your voicemail to pick up. But it did and now they don’t know what to say. “Hey, um, just calling, um, anyway, I guess give me a call, um.” Imagine how that conversation would’ve gone if you picked up!

10. The Wrong Number

You get a voicemail that clearly isn’t for you and you have to wonder, did they just not listen to my voicemail greeting or are they really that clueless? I always wonder if they get mad at the person for not calling them back.

So there you have it, 10 of the worst types of voicemails. Which ones did we miss?

Product Plug: Of course with the Read Your Voicemail feature, you don’t really have to worry about these things do you? You can just read them :)