If you are a small business owner, you have one thing in common with every other small business owner on the planet: You are obsessed with your bottom line. This is completely understandable. Small business owners do not have unlimited access to operating capital as corporate CEOs do. Your finances are likely tight, and you need small business solutions that save you money. One such solution is a cloud phone system for your small business.

What is a cloud phone system?

If you understand cloud storage, you understand a cloud phone system. Your company’s phone data is stored on a cloud server away from your business. This saves you space and the maintenance costs associated with hosting your phone service on your own server. When somebody calls your business, the call is transmitted over the internet.

What are the advantages of a cloud phone system?

As we mentioned above, this type of phone system provides a money-saving solution for your business phone needs. Don’t be tempted to use your mobile phone as your business phone. What happens if you are getting poor service? You know what happens; the calls get dropped, and you cannot afford that.

Getting your phone calls via the cloud is an inexpensive way to have a separate business line that increases your professional appeal. You save money on your monthly phone bills, because the monthly fees for cloud systems are cheaper than landlines.

Cost-saving is just one advantage. You can also benefit from:

A cloud-based system comes with texting capabilities for your business phone number, and this leaves your personal phone out of the loop. This frees up your personal line for your personal texts and calls, allowing you to unplug from the business after hours.

In addition to unplugging from the business to benefit your work/life balance, you can also draw attention to your business with a toll-free or vanity number for the business. Choose a number that will stay top of mind.

So, where do you start? You start here with us at Grasshopper. We offer an intuitive and effective cloud-based phone system that is affordable for small business owners.