Just like you, we’re a fan of podcasts. Especially when they pertain to the issues facing small business owners. We’ve covered the mind-expanding podcasts and podcasts for entrepreneurs.

So what makes 2019 so different?

Things change. Podcasts come and go. It only makes sense to round up those business and marketing podcasts that are still going strong and those newer podcasts that deserve one or two downloads sent their way. Here are a few new (and old) podcasts that are worth your attention:

Mixergy (with Andrew Warner)

If you’re thinking it sounds more like a nutritional supplement than a podcast, consider that the goal of Mixergy is to function as both: it’s a shot in the arm for small business owners who want to feed their minds and keep their eyes on the ball. 

What separates Mixergy from the rest is that it has tons of valuable archives and content from interviews from a veritable cornucopia of small business owners—and a few large business owners, too. 

One word of warning: Mixergy also offers a “premium” level of content, so if you want total access to Mixergy interviews, expect to pay. However, there’s enough free content for you to check out and sample, which will give you an inkling of just how much there is to digest among the premium content as well.

Internet Business Mastery

You don’t have to be an Internet-exclusive business to derive tons of entrepreneurial value out of Internet Business Mastery. But it won’t hurt, either. 

This high-frequency (once-per-weekday) podcast has been going strong since 2006, and though it focuses on an entrepreneurial approach to building passive income, many of the lessons work for anyone in any type of business. Hosts Jason and Jeremy frequently take on wide-ranging topics to the nature of success and productivity.

Masters in Business

If you have a larger business and need to think more about money management and larger economic trends, Masters in Business is a nice alternative to many on this list. Hosted by Bloomberg opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz, Masters in Business takes a higher-altitude view of business. And because the podcast is less frequent than some of the others on this list, it’s a nice way to mix in this view to keep tabs on the larger markets that may impact your own small business.

Startups for the Rest of Us

Being a startup is lonely. It always helps to know that there are other people who have faced the challenges of starting up on your own. This podcast from hosts Rob and Mike features plenty of relatable stories for small business owners from small business owners. They also feature a list of “Greatest Hits” if you want to give yourself a quick preview without choosing any random episode.

As you might gather from the title, the podcast is a little more focused on the startup culture than you might be at your business. However, many of the lessons are universal to business, especially when it comes to finding customers and making the most of limited resources.


Being a female entrepreneur presents its own unique challenges. Why not learn from women who have been there? BizChix is hosted by Natalie Eckdahl, an MBA who also serves as a business coach. That means she has a knack for putting her finger on the exact struggles women are going through—as well as the best responses. Expect a new upload about once per week and for listens to be about a half an hour to an hour. 

Entrepreneurs on Fire

When we covered some mind-expanding small business podcasts six years ago, Entrepreneurs on Fire was one of the top podcasts. It still is. 

What’s more, John Lee Dumas’ podcast is still going strong with engaging, regular content (usually about 4 or 5 podcasts per week). This award winning, best business podcast (Best of iTunes), typically ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, which is ideal for anyone who needs some inspirational content that might last an entire to-and-back commute.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

If you don’t already follow Gary Vaynerchuk on social media, his podcast is a great introduction to this entrepreneurial guru. His podcast is a short listen (often less than a half-hour) and posted on such a regular basis that you could seamlessly work it into your routine. What’s more, the topics are always relevant to small business owners of varying experience levels and sizes, as well as the business world at large, which makes it a must-listen for anyone who might be starting out. You’ll even notice Gary Vaynerchuk showing up in interviews with other podcasts, which means that you can sometimes skip the middle and go straight to the source for your daily dose of business wisdom.

Beyond the To-Do List

Admit it: much of your success as a business owner boils down to how well you’re able to manage your to-do list. This is a podcast that takes a bit of a different approach to productivity. In fact, Apple iTunes even has it categorized as a “health” podcast.

Why? Because Erik Fisher’s podcast talks about work-life balance, daily productivity issues, and even fitness and nutrition to help keep you fueled as the properly-optimized small business owner you deserve to be. Other issues—such as productive focus—make this podcast applicable to anyone in any line of work, which broadens its appeal without losing the specific advice that makes it worth listening to.

Honorable Mentions

We can’t possibly expect to cover every worthy podcast in a short amount of time. That’s why we assembled some honorable mentions for podcasts that people love:

Finding the Right Podcast for You

Let’s be honest, if you’re a successful entrepreneur, you’re not going to have enough time to listen to all of these podcasts. You’re too busy setting up an online business or new business to listen to every one of these. Some are weekly podcasts. Some are posted every weekday and will last longer than your commute. Some simply won’t jive with what you’re looking for.

But we recommend giving these podcasts at least one listen this year. You never know when case studies are going to resonate with you, give you actionable takeaways to inspire you, and teach you how to become better at your own business—and maybe even burst its way into your daily routine. 

If you can find digital marketing inspiration during your daily commute or your treadmill time at the gym, you’ll be stretching your time, tackling two tasks at once, and making yourself better a business owner for it.