Large multinational firms have been excited about cloud computing for years. For them, cloud computing means freeing up technology resources, software, and hardware needed to build and run parts of their businesses.

The move toward the cloud has enabled companies like Salesforce and Amazon, to turn traditional technology solutions into value-added services. By moving resources to the cloud, Fortune 500 firms have abandoned developing their own business-critical applications and instead, essentially rent them from another company whose specialty is in delivering services over the Internet. This has saved these firms big money in time and resources.

The value proposition of using cloud computing is clear for large businesses but what about us small businesses?

Here are some ways small businesses can best leverage the cloud:

As important as cloud computing has been to big business, it is even more important to smaller companies. By using cloud computing, small business owners can take advantage of the tools large businesses have had access to for years, and level the playing field.