What happens when you’ve finally managed to make your business grow? It seems like one day you are searching for new clients, and then the next day it hits: the influx of customer interest. 

The influx of multiple customers reaching out at the same time can strike at any moment. Whether your business is ten days old or ten years old, the feeling can be completely overwhelming.

Perhaps you ran a successful ad campaign, or maybe reports of your good service are spreading like wildfire, but requests are coming in from everywhere. Your phone is ringing, your voicemail inbox is full, and people are flooding you with emails! You have to respond quickly and change your communications to keep up with the moving tech landscape (ten years ago, who knew you would be texting with customers?). 


The challenge of simultaneously nurturing current customers while driving new business can be hard to juggle in today’s crazy tech landscape. 

A Day in the Life

Imagine this. It’s Thursday morning and you’ve received a solid ten hours of sleep in the last three days while trying to successfully manage your business. You’ve on-boarded seven new clients, written two blog posts, started an email campaign, worked on updating your website, managed all of your social channels, and of course, worked on meeting all the needs of your clients — your very first priority. 


By the time you get situated after having your first cup of coffee— you have a handful of missed calls, 47 unread emails and 21 new business texts. And the day has only just begun.  

And these messages just continue to pile up throughout the day as you are in important meetings and working on projects, leaving you to later sift through personal and business communications. In the meantime, you’re hoping that you are able to get back to all of the high priority contacts and that nothing slips through the cracks. 

A small business owner’s typical day is nothing short of challenging, and definitely doesn’t fit within the hours of “9 to 5”.  In fact, by the time you get home, you figure you’ll still be working late into the night searching through emails, texts, and voicemails, and responding to each individual through their preferred method of contact — or trying to. 

Sound familiar?

“Did that person call or text me? Did they send me their address via email?” Sometimes it's hard to remember. And every minute you spend searching for that piece of information is a minute you could be helping your customers, enjoying time with family or friends outside of work, or even catching up on sleep. 

Because of this, we can’t help but think: wouldn’t it be great if there was a place that you could access all of your communications in one place? At Grasshopper, we have a solution to the growing pains and disorderly communications. 

Grasshopper Connect is Your Solution

The very last thing you should be worrying about as a small business owner is keeping track of incoming inquiries from customers across various communication channels. And at Grasshopper we understand that and are here to make your journey a lot easier by introducing Grasshopper Connect: a new app to help you better organize all of your business communications.

With Grasshopper Connect, you not only receive a dedicated business number, but you can isolate your business communications from your personal communicationsWith unified inbox dedicated to business communications, you can now keep track of and reply to everyone through their preferred channel, regardless of how someone reached out — phone call, text message, voicemail or email.So stop sifting through different apps and various channels full of personal and business messages, and focus all your attention on your most important clients.

And with the Timeline View, you can see every past communication with any given contact by chronological order, so you never miss anything and always feel prepared for the next conversation. 

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have enough to deal with without trying to keep track of customer communications. Grasshopper Connect is here to help you overcome communication barriers inevitable to any business owner by helping you stay effortlessly organized, up-to-date, and by giving you the peace of mind that nothing is slipping through the cracks. 

To learn more about Grasshopper Connect, visit https://grasshopper.com/connect/.