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What Bowerbirds Can Teach You About Sales & Running Your Business

Nature is remarkable. Not every animal is equipped with the power, capability and sheer mass that it needs to triumph over any situation BUT many creatures can act as if they have all that they’re lacking – and this in turn allows them to get what they want.

The Bowerbird (male) for example, stages “scenes” made out of pebbles and sticks so they can appear bigger to potential mates. How can this be a lesson to you? Whether or not that lead will convert into a sale is weighted on how you present yourself to your customer. Depending on what your customers are looking for, i.e. excellent customer service, security and quick turn around time, then it could advantageous to appear bigger than you actually are. A bigger company will be perceived to have the resources to take care of all customer service issues. On top of that, an established company seems more professional, streamlined and efficient.

We’re not denying that a small company has their own advantages. In fact, your situation could be that your customers are attracted to your service because it offers them a local, unique and boutique experience. The thing is, if you plan on scaling your business so you can compete with the “big dogs,” it makes sense to appear “big” even when you’re still starting up. Like the Bowerbird female, your customer may be shopping around and reviewing your competitors. If they’re used to buying from a large company, you should consider offering them all the advantages of working with a formidable enterprise…even if you’re really just a lemonade stand.

Here are key tips on how to “look big” while being small:

1. Set up a phone system with multiple extensions

This is the usual situation: you’re a sole proprietor and you’re working out of one phone line. Whatever the set up is, you really need to have more than one extension if customers are calling you about your business (Ex: press 1 for customer service, press 2 for billing, press 3 to leave a voicemail etc.). The good news is that you can set up a phone line with multiple extensions pretty cheaply with VoIP services like Grasshopper, Toktumi and you’ll be paying about $10-15 bucks a month. With Grasshopper you can even set up a toll free “1-800” custom number which we think is pretty cool and it gives the illusion that your customers are calling an established company.