Grasshopper is Hiring!Do you dread going to work every morning? Are you sick of working with people who hate their jobs and just bring you down? Maybe it’s time you took the plunge and made a career change.  Lucky for you, Grasshopper is hiring!

At Grasshopper, we believe that happy employees are productive employees.  So how do we keep our employees happy? Well, for starters we have a Wii room, free snacks and drinks AND some pretty sweet benefits (like 4 weeks of PTO and flexible hours).

Sound good? Take a look at our current openings.

We’re looking for people who are passionate about software engineering and take an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving.  Are you a technical leading, code reviewing, pair programming, mentor type of person? Do you have some serious C# and .NET 3.5/4 skills? We’re thinking more Obi Wan, as opposed to a young Luke on this one.  Are you a proficient and capable user of your Tech-speak to Business-speak dictionary? Then we need your talents! Have a look at our openings for software engineers below:

IVR Software Engineer [[Tweet this]( Grasshopper is looking for IVR Software Engineer #job #hiring)]

Senior Software Engineer [[Tweet this]( Grasshopper is looking for Senior Software Engineer #job #hiring )]

Senior Software Engineer- API Lead Developer [[Tweet this]( Grasshopper is looking for Senior Software Engineer- API Lead Developer #job #hiring )]

We’re also hiring for our next great Marketing Director.  Are you the type of person who is fanatical about understanding what makes a person buy a product or service? Do you dream of showing thousands of entrepreneurs each day how they can better succeed? Do you know how to grow revenue through online and offline channels? Are you an experienced leader who can manage a dynamic team? Then keep reading…

Director of Marketing [[Tweet this]( Grasshopper is looking for Director of Marketing #job #hiring )]

If you're smart, love startups, want to make a difference, and embody our core values, we want to talk with you.   Not a fit? Know someone who’d be the perfect for the job? Help us spread the word!