Running a business as a solopreneur is an ongoing adventure. First, you have to get your venture off the ground — from there you face new challenges as you learn on the fly.

Imagine how successful you could be if you set time aside every week to delve into the different aspects of your business? You would be more confident, more proactive and certainly less frazzled. In that spirit, here are 9 online courses that can help you master the constant juggle:

1. The Modern Marketing Workshop

Seth Godin debunks modern marketing myths and gives you a look into his encyclopedic knowledge of the field. Seth’s tools and suggestions fit anyone and any business. Just ask the 14,000 people who have already taken the course!

2. Get Stuff Done Like a Boss: Design Your Workflow and Double Your Productivity in 21 Days

Productivity is a challenge for anyone, but it can be particularly tricky when you’re working solo. Those of us who are just getting in the groove of solopreneurship would benefit from Tiago Forte’s suggestions. Get ready to harness the power of digital tools like Evernote and ToDoist as you overhaul your routine. Even small productivity changes can do wonders!

3. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship: Pitching Yourself and Your Business

Do you get the jitters when telling someone about your business at a networking event? By nailing down a solid elevator speech, you give yourself the skills to walk into a room and sell your business. With an emphasis on repackaging yourself, Barbara Corcoran will help you to over prepare your pitch — and as a shark on Shark Tank, she’s the best person to have in your corner.

4. B-School with Marie Forleo

B-School covers all your bases: PR, marketing, social media, tech, and even some legal information, too. In its eight weeks program, the always-chipper Marie Forleo will give you the tools (and the confidence) you need to grow your business. Students appreciate the depth of the classes as well as the feeling of community Marie fosters among entrepreneurs. Beware that B-School comes with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, they offer some generous scholarships!

5. 21 Critical Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Jason Lawrence Nazar’s background in the California tech scene perfectly positions him to give you all the inside scoop on how to build your business from the ground up. Nazar’s advice is especially relevant to solopreneurs building SaaS or digital start-ups. You can easily turn this two-hour course into an inspiring weekend activity. Did I mention it’s free?

6. Secrets of Outsourcing: How to Work Less + Make More Money

The more successful your work becomes, the less time you have to devote to the ins and outs of running a business every day. Outsourcing can help you to manage your growing pains. This course tells you everything you need to know about delegating work while increasing growth.

7. Entrepreneurship 101 + Entrepreneurship 102

Both of these MITx courses allow you to tap into the strategies that led MIT alumni to found over 25,000 companies. Together, Entrepreneurship 101 and Entrepreneurship 102 set a solid foundation by identifying and meeting your customers’ needs. Be aware that, like all MIT classes, these two can be intense! Make sure you set aside the time to soak in all the details.

8. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

If you are a solopreneur, you need to negotiate rates on a weekly if not daily basis. Negotiation does not have to be something that makes you wince — despite common thought, the best negotiations are free from tension and work out well for you and your client. George Siedel, a professor at University of Michigan will walk you through the process in his detailed course.

9. How To Create an Awesome Online Course

Many solopreneurs look for ways to create passive income — developing an online course is one of them! If you enjoy taking online courses, chances are you would love teaching them, too. Do you have any skills that would translate to Skillshare or Udemy? If so, get started on a class of your own. Teaching an online course can offer help build your authority in your field, while leading potential clients in your direction.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by day-to-day life as a solopreneur. But the more awareness and knowledge you have at your disposal, the easier it will be for you to tackle challenges on your professional path.

Are there any online courses that have made a big impact on your journey as a solopreneur?