Entrepreneurs on the hunt for the latest news should look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 11 great news sources for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Inc. provides news articles, interviews, insights, and content lists that tout in depth analysis on running a business, leadership, marketing, and sales. Articles are written with entrepreneurs in mind. Plus, everybody’s already reading Inc. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Reasons to read Inc.:

Been in the business of helping entrepreneurs for a long time (since 1979) Content shows in depth analysis, drawn from expert resources Fresh takes on workplace culture, innovation, and what other companies are doing Do you live under a rock? Everyone’s reading Inc.

OpenView Labs

OpenView Labs is geared towards software companies, providing practical advice to help them grow. The blog and news source doles out info on marketing, culture, funding, and more. OpenView Labs goes beyond the software industry with awesome eBooks and podcasts.

Reasons to read OpenView Labs:

Tons of different types of content (podcasts, reports, videos eBooks, infographics, articles, etc.) It’s an offshoot of OpenView Venture Partners, an expert VC firm It’s eBook for small businesses competing with competitors is called “Slaying Goliath”


With a focus on the latest in social media, technology, and cool new businesses, Mashable is a groovy and fun news source. Mashable brings the exciting and interesting trends to the table, detailing the latest in golf gadgets, 3D ear canal scanners, and iPad hackers.

Reasons to read Mashable:

Reporting on every new trend in social media and technology Read about the NFL, rockets, Facebook, movies, Carly Rae Jepsen, Google+, and GIFs Cool companies and latest technology is fodder for first date conversation


Entreprenista gives some love to the ladies with articles for female entrepreneurs. Not only does Entreprenista give advice on how to zap negative thinking, grow confidence, and be a whiz at content marketing, but it also has joinable groups and ways to connect. Entreprenista jokes that happily-ever-after has “nothing to do with prince charming.”

Reasons to read Entreprenista:

Interviews with female entrepreneurs coupled with practical advice Empowering content that makes you want to go out and get it “The Launch Guide, a beginner’s handbook for starting a business”


Bloomberg Businessweek reports on general trends in the world of business, but also has news articles about newcomers in tech and other industries. Businessweek provides information on politics and policy, small business, business schools, global economics, and more. Businessweek is one of the big guys- you better be reading.

Reasons to read Businessweek:

Tons of articles and resources no matter the size and stage of your business “BSchool,” the business school section Lifestyle stories such as “America’s 50 Best Cities”


Everybody knows Forbes, and it’s for good reason. The site provides lists of the nation’s richest businesspeople, insight into real estate trends, information about global trading, human resources ideas, and leadership lessons. Forbes has a multitude of awesome contributors. Forbes competes with Businessweek. Which do you prefer?

Reasons to read Forbes:

News on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurs, lifestyle and leadership Wise, respected, and pre-vetted (founded in 1917 by B.C. Forbes) Lists include 400 Richest Americans, Top Earning CEOs, and Top-Earning Dead Celebrities

Fast Company

Fast Company shows off innovative companies, cool ideas, and awesome tips to help entrepreneurs be more successful–and it’s a little edgy. Readers can find articles detailing new types of robots, large company lawsuits, and Asia’s most creative companies. Its Co.DESIGN, Co.CREATE, Co.EXIST, and Co.LABS categories focus on individual industries.

Reasons to read Fast Company:

Well-written, curious, and insightful articles from expert contributors An easy to surf, navigable layout makes it easy to find articles Edgy and cool


WordofMouth.org is a resource for business owners looking to better understand what customers and others are saying about their brands. It’s a marketing resource for those looking to build positive relationships with their audiences. Articles include tips for apologizing, ways to use small stuff to make big impressions, and how to write shareable content.

Reasons to read WordofMouth.org:

Great tips for improving customer relationships Unexpected marketing tips Worksheets to help you be a better marketer


BostInno (short for Boston Innovation) isn’t as relevant if you’re not involved in the city of Boston, but it’s a fun startup meets lifestyle resource that reports on new, cool businesses, Boston-area startups, and social media trends. BostInno does an excellent job of combining business with lifestyle.

Reason to read BostInno:

It’s a local source of information Articles relevant to a younger set BostInno’s Channel posts which feature contributors from around the city


TechCrunch is a favorite for those in the software, mobile, and technology industries, as the bulk of the articles focus on cool new trends, top leaders, and innovative technologies. TechCrunch not only reports on the latest drama in the world of Apple, Google, and Facebook, but also highlights new and growing industries such as 3D printing as well as current trends in consumer tech (hint: adults text more than teens!)

Reasons to read TechCrunch:

The latest on what’s happening in technology-based companies Cool articles about crowdfunding, 3D printing, and global consumers A Europe section for finding out what’s happening on the other side of the pond


American Express’ OPEN Forum is a mecca for small business owners and startup founders looking for expert advice. With a motto of “powering small business success,” OPEN Forum draws contributors on tricky subjects such as sales strategy, social media, marketing, and leadership. Writers are expert leaders, coming from successful businesses to share their tips.

Reasons to read AMEX OPEN Forum:

Expert insight into small business and startup challenges Tips on tough stuff, such as how to argue at the workplace Categories include money, managing, marketing, lifestyle, the world, and government contracting

What news sources do you check out? What sites provide the best information for entrepreneurs and small business owners?