In the first part of this article we talked about old school lead generation techniques. These include trade shows, seminars, review sites, referrals, and more. Here in part two, we’ll be discussing digital methods.



Before we dive into the lure-box of digital lead generation, be aware that this is an area that is in a constant state of change and evolution. Nothing is set in stone.

What works today may not work tomorrow. But, by constantly changing lures and methods of engagement, you’re bound to find one — if not several — mean of lead generation that works for you.


#1. Have a great website.

There is no longer an excuse for having a shoddy website. Even businesses once regarded as being “analogue”, are now represented at the cutting edge of e-commerce.

Make sure your website reveals who you are, what your core values are, and how you approach solving your customers’ problems. It should all be neatly packaged so that the fish is instantly attracted to the lure.

And remember, keep your website current and up-to-date. Nothing will deter a possible lead quicker than an out-of-date landing page.


#2. Content is king.

Web content as a lead generation strategy can’t be underestimated. Every story, every blog, and every scrap of content that you share with the world has the power to entice new leads.

But, it’s not quite so simple.

There are many factors that go into determining where your content will appear in global search rankings.

Does your content answer questions? Are the right SEO keywords included? Are you offering expert advice? All of these considerations will go towards leveraging your online influence.

If the quality of your content is high, and offers your readers value, solutions and problem-solving capabilities, you’ve gone a long way towards driving leads to your door.

Plus, in conjunction with your sales CRM software, there are many simple but sophisticated features to bring lead capture directly to your desktop. All that’s required is your website landing page and a little intelligent software integration.


#3. Email still works.

If you had given up faith in email campaigns, think again. Email is no longer a cold, impersonal hand from beyond the grave. Modern emailing techniques now embrace relevant target markets directly and personally. Gone are the days of “Dear Sir/Madam, in case you may be interested…” emails.

You can now:

In fact, modern email is the introduction letter you wish you’d had all along, and the means to drive your lead generation faster.


#4. SEO matters.

It’s a simple fact. Although the SEO algorithms are changing almost daily, there are still a couple of hard and fast content rules when it comes to lead generation:


#5. Utilize social media.

If you want social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – to work as a lead generation tool, expect it to cost you. You don’t have to break the bank to capture leads with social media, but the fact is, you get what you pay for.

It can take a lot of trial and error— and customer profiling — to determine the platforms and methods that work best for your business, but it’s well worth the effort as the benefits can be great.


#6. Provide education and incentives.

Offering valuable business insights, educational tips, and other free incentives is a great way to capture qualified leads.

There are a variety of free materials which you can offer as incentives to assist automatic lead generation. The list is as broad as your imagination. Be creative, engaging, target specific audiences, offer valuable insights, and always try to be entertaining.

Ideas of free materials include newsletters, white papers, e-books, online demos, webinars, podcasts, fun and educational videos, and even live chat tools. All of these can help nurture positive customer experience long before the prospect is a qualified lead.


The lead generation process – cast your net wide

As we explained at the very outset, just like that experienced old fly fisherman, you need to wisely choose the right fly, and then present it to the fish in exactly the correct manner and in the correct place.

But what if it’s not the correct bait? What if the fish – your potential customer – is unresponsive? Then the answer is this – try something different. Try something new. Be creative. Think differently. And if that doesn’t work, try something else, again and again.

Lead generation is similar. Just because the method you tried the first time around doesn’t work, don’t give up.

The leads are there, it’s up to you to find them.


Last cast

Try to remember this little checklist of lead generation tactics, and remember to keep your options open.