When I first started here (back in the GotVMail days), one of the first things our CEO (@siamak) wanted me to own was a project called the “Tell Us Your Story” program. It was a simple form on our website that allowed our customers to tell us about their journey as an entrepreneur, highlighting what really made them unique. In our “buzz” efforts we make a lot of connections and there are tons of opportunities for us to connect these entrepreneurs with media contacts. Siamak was extremely passionate about this idea as he realized how much value this could add to the entrepreneurs who used our services.

Over the 2 years I've been here, we have heard well over 500 stories and got customers featured in outlets as big as ABC News, Forbes, BusinessWeek, and the Associated Press. Not only that, but sometimes we have gotten customers their first press story...how powerful is that?

The point is, we have always been really passionate about promoting our customers. In fact, one of the partnerships I've been most inspired by is what Microsoft and Mashable came together to do with their BizSpark program. They came together to get new, struggling startups press on Mashable, often providing so much awareness that they shut down companies websites! I was always really impressed by that. It actually made me hope that one day I could be in a position to do the same, shutting down an entrepreneur's website due to an influx of traffic.

Well it’s a good thing I met Chase Garbarino, as he shares that same passion. For those of you that don't know Chase, he is a passionate entrepreneur and the co-founder of BostInnovation / Pinyadda. BostInnovation has grown into one of the most read, respected and visited entrepreneurial blogs in Boston. The other day Chase and I realized that with his reach and Grasshopper Group's large web of connections we could really do something to help entrepreneurs.

A few coffees and a bagel later we came up with the idea for the Spreadable Startup Series. A program very much modeled off of the BizSpark program that will provide startups across the United States an opportunity to have us yell their story from the rooftops. Things to note:

Criteria includes:

The point is, we here at Grasshopper Group and the folks at BostInnovation simply love entrepreneurs and the Spreadable Startup Series is a way we thought we could add the most value to the community. We suggest you get involved, tell a friend, tweet about it, blog about it and most importantly, tell us your story!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestion you might have.

After all, this is all about you.



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