FREE Corporations for 500 First-Time Entrepreneurs

At Grasshopper, our passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed.  Whether it’s growing your business with our virtual phone system, getting your business press or hooking your business up with some pretty cool deals; there is nothing we love more than helping our friends and customers succeed.

So, when we come across a company that shares the same values as us, we get excited and want to work with them. Enter eMinutes.  eMinutes is a law firm that has been in practice for nearly twenty years.  They’ve formed corporations and LLCs for A-list movie stars, Grammy award winning musicians and athletes.  Wow!

Now, they want to help YOU launch your business and are offering to do it for 500 first-time entrepreneurs for FREE.


You may be wondering: why would eMinutes do this all for free?! Well, that’s the part of the story we love most.  They’re doing it because they love what they do and are excited by the entrepreneurial spirit – so all they’re looking to do is help grow some businesses.  The best part? All they want in return is to be kept in the loop about your progress, challenges, and successes!

Love the idea, but not eligible? Spread the word and help others like you launch their businesses!

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