Have you ever found an article so full of resources that you had to save it immediately: on a scrap of paper, in a note on your phone, or in an email to yourself? Does that happen again and again on the same websites?

Some of the best business publications are ripe for the picking. Every time you stumble on their websites you find golden nuggets and helpful hints that actually help. These 6 publications are more than magazines and newspapers – they’re resources for your business.

Save yourself the hassle, and bookmark them now!

1. Entrepreneur

It’s in the name, right? Regardless of whether you’re starting your own Etsy shop or finance app, you’ll find the best advice in Entrepreneur. Their how-to section focuses on ways to fix the most challenging (and mundane) business conundrums.

Entrepreneur relishes bottom-up stories about people like you, who set out on their own and make moves in the world. Look no further for inspiration from peers!

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2. Fast Company

Fast Company is the cool kid of business publications. Devoted to innovation, technology, and design, it offers a lens into new trends and emerging fields. It’s not surprising that this forward-thinking magazine for entrepreneurs also values sustainability – printing on recycled paper and highlighting social entrepreneurship. You can also find well-curated pieces that delve into the psychology of personal and professional growth.

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3. Forbes

Forbes has a lot more to offer than just its famous lists: World’s Most Powerful People, America’s Most Promising Companies, Top 100 Celebrities. Forbes expanded to 10 international business publications of the same name that cover large-scale issues in their respective countries.

Compared to the previous publications, Forbes emphasizes traditional industries and is less likely to use buzzwords and emphasize hot topics. With that said, solopreneurs looking for guidance about managing (and separating) their personal and business finances would benefit articles like those written by Laura Shin.

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4. Inc.

Inc. frames itself as an "advocate for small business," but really, it targets mid-sized companies that want to grow. One of the most useful sections of their website is devoted to a video series called Productivity Playbook. Thought leaders share pragmatic advice about the real life issues plague small business owners every day. These short videos are snackable content: perfect for a productive five-minute break.

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5. Harvard Business Review

As the accompanying publication to Harvard Business School, Harvard Business Review is a valued innovator in the publishing world. It features world-class academic research and strategy for high-level influencers across various fields.

In 2009, Harvard Business Review revamped its approach in the wake of a recession, broadening its audience while staying loyal to the rigor of its research. Reading HBR will make you feel smart, and for good reason. It’s emphasis on studying the art of management helps leaders to traverse the necessary challenges of forging one’s own path.

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6. Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal is the stalwart of financial publications. It will keep you up-to-date on market changes and policy shifts that affect your bottom line. Entrepreneurs should tune in to The Accelerators, an editorial initiative that allows startup mentors to share their perspectives on the same topic. Next time you hit a roadblock at work, don’t shy away from taking a dive into their search function.

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Stay up to Date

These business publications serve as a roadmap for your professional growth, guiding you through sticky situations and nurturing your successes in equal measure. When you do find a column or article that jumps out to you, save it in Evernote. These go-to resources may come into play when you least expect it!

Oh, and add JUMP: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business to the mix. It’s destined to help you untangle the trickiest parts of entrepreneurial life.

Are there any publications you would add to this list?