Feeling a little overwhelmed with calls? Let Ruby® help.

Focus on what matters most and leave your calls to Ruby live virtual receptionists.

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Meet Ruby!

Grasshopper is proud to bring live, US-based receptionists to our users. Based in Portland, Oregon, Ruby has a rich history managing front-line communications for more than 10,000 small businesses and their clients.

Similar to Grasshopper, their mission is to help small business owners look more professional, get more time back in their day, and impress customers.


A stellar experience for your customers.


Help when you need it. Let Ruby field calls while you focus on the most pressing items or just need a minute to shift gears.


Save money. Receptionists who are never sick, late, or on vacation, for a fraction of the cost.


Get more done. Reduce distractions and take daily administrative tasks off your plate.


Boost business. Turn more callers into customers with live answering.

Ruby works with you.

Ruby receptionists can answer calls to your Grasshopper number when you can’t. Through the app, you have control of when to turn Ruby on or off!

All receptionists are 100% US-based, and greet your callers with a personalized message based on your instructions and needs.


Ruby works for you.

  • Greet all callers – the same way you would.
  • Live transfer the caller to you, or to the right person on your team.
  • Take messages or offer voicemail if you’re not available – based on your instructions.
  • Provide you a few precious seconds to switch gears from your previous task before taking the call.
  • Gather information on potential new customers.
  • Handle FAQs such as directions or business hours.
  • Make some outbound calls on your behalf.

By adding Ruby to your account, you’ll get:


Friendly Call Answering

Ruby will answer your business hour calls live 24/7/365.


Company Specific Greeting

Ruby will greet and treat callers as if we were part of your team, based on your personalized instructions.


Confirmation Calls

Ruby can make outbound calls to confirm or remind customers about appointments.


Appointment Scheduling

Ruby can work with your customers to schedule appointments for you.


Customer Familiarity

Known callers receive familiar treatment - just like they would from you.


FAQ Answering

From basic FAQ to detailed questions, Ruby has you covered.


Intake Forms and Questions

Ruby can save you time by gathering necessary information from new customers.


Bilingual Call Handling

Ruby’s receptionist team is US-based and trained, and handles calls in English and Spanish.


Schedule Management

Create a custom schedule so Ruby is on call to answer the phone when you’re unavailable.


Ruby Receptionist

Live US-based receptionists can help answer your Grasshopper calls! 

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Exclusive pricing for Grasshopper customers.

Add Ruby to your account today and get up to 30% off.


Save 30% off your first full month!

50 receptionist minutes


Save 30% off your first full month!

100 receptionist minutes


Save 30% off your first full month!

200 receptionist minutes