Women Can Change the World

A Video Produced by Grasshopper

Video Transcription

Throughout history, we've been inspired by courageous women who challenged the conventional thinking of their time and lived life on their terms, many selflessly devoted to a higher calling. These forerunners have shown us that we don't have to let our past or our circumstances cast a shadow in our way.

Every day, more and more women rise above the frustrations of gender inequality, workplace injustices and glass ceilings. They nurture the most innovative ideas, birth and rebirth business, and protect what is dear to them. Women everywhere are unleashing the power of choice to reap their own rewards, shape their own destinies and empower future generations.

All over the globe, women are finding solutions to current and persistent challenges. They do what they love, work where they want. The point in the sky is their only limit. The road has been paved for conviction to triumph doubt.

As you follow your innermost yearnings and your entrepreneurial endeavors, remember that every situation is an opportunity to give your best, to challenge yourself, to persevere in tough times and celebrate in good ones. Every time you put forth your best contribution, the legacy lives on.

Women in order of appearance:

  1. Elizabeth Taylor, Actress
  2. Random flapper
  3. Amelia Earhart, Aviatrix
  4. Eleanor Roosevelt, First lady
  5. Julia Child, Celebrity chef
  6. Jackie Kennedy, First lady
  7. U.S. Naval Officers
  8. Mother Teresa, Humanitarian
  9. Betty Friedan, Feminist
  10. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India
  11. Oprah, Media Mogul
  12. Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England
  13. Katie Couric, Broadcast Journalist
  14. Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize winning author
  15. Tina Fey, Comedian
  16. Danica Patrick, Race car driver
  17. Ellen Degeneres, Comedian
  18. Sally Ride, Astronaut
  19. Arianna Huffington, New media pioneer
  20. Martha Stewart, TV personality
  21. Condoleezza Rice, Political Scientist
  22. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany
  23. Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo!

Soundtrack: Ludovico Einaudi - Earth Prelude
Producer/Director: Siamak Taghaddos
Editor: Matthew Belinkie