Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say

A Video Produced by Grasshopper

Video Transcription

I have the perfect idea.

Dude, this idea is unstoppable.

You're saying it's a social network for toddlers.

Like Groupon but only bigger.

Dude, let's go viral right now.

How do we go viral?

Is my video frozen? Can you hear me?

Skype hates me.

Richard Branson is the man.


I bet if you put my start up against your start up and I'm like nine times leaner.

You waste money.



Yeah. AB Test and then pivot, and if you still don't know, pivot again.


Time to pivot.

You're not following me on Tweeter?

I love Mondays.


Splash page.

AB testing.

Test everything.

What's the difference between an angel and a VC?

I've not slept in three days.

We are killing it.

My team is powered by Red Bull and pizzas.


Hey, do you know any good designers?


Entourage. Yeah. You could be E.

Together we will kill Instagram.

Connect it to Facebook, viral spread. Boom. Boom.

Facebook - killer.

Is this Fair Trade?

Read Mashable.


Hey, where are you staying through South Buy?

Did we meet at South Buy?

Summer series on a boat.

Who uses LinkedIn?

You use LinkedIn?

Why Culminator?

Angel list, you've got to be on Angel List.


Health insurance? That's for wimps.

Steve Jobs was like a father to me.

Dude, Steve Jobs was totally a fruitarian. I love fruit.


Yeah. He's like, you know what's cool? Like a $1 billion.

Fremium with an F, we're not too concerned about profit right now.


One word - ad space.

All we need is like 1% or 2% of the market and we're billionaires.

Get like a million people on the site. Through up some ads - money.

Donald Trump is a douche.