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Tweet This, Not That! Ten social media mistakes you may be making (and how to fix them)

Errant tweets, Facebook flubs, withered websites. Social media mess-ups are what late-night comedians fill their monologues with most days. Check over your social media output, and see which of these mistakes you are making—and fix them before anyone can make you a punch line. In true “Late Night with David Letterman” style, we have our “Top 10 list” of social media mistakes (and hints on how to make them right).

Mistake #6: You’ve picked the wrong social media outlet

“Just like marketing anywhere else—television, email, direct mail, billboards, radio—you need to identify what's right for your business,” says Taylor Aldredge, ambassador of buzz for Grasshopper, a virtual phone system helps entrepreneurs sound more professional and stay connected from anywhere. “Foursquare rocks if you want to market to local customers in your city, especially if you're a restaurant or retail business with a physical location. However, if you're a boutique creative agency, a Foursquare page probably makes no sense for you,” Aldredge points out. Focus on one or two areas of social media and build a solid customer following there. When—and if—you want to add more mediums, that core will follow.