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AppSumo Review: Brand Perception with Grasshopper.com

It's time for another AAppSumo Review! This Action Video's headline was "Grasshopper.com got big through extremely creative marketing, learn the tactics" and led in with a story about Grasshopper's Jonathan Kay getting kicked out of SXSW by police. That's attractive to me, so I bit.

To be honest, I didn't read through all the rest of the description before I clicked "BUY NOW", and in hindsight, I may not have purchased it if I had read all the way through. I thought that I had a good handle on "brand perception", and figured that I'd eventually watch it when I had some downtime to kill.

As luck would have it, I was visiting Crested Butte for the Thanksgiving weekend and found myself alone at the house on an elliptical with some time to murder. I started the video.

Jonathan Kay is a funny fella. He and Paul Hontz kept up the energy throughout, and it paired nicely with my workout. Grasshopper.com, of virtual phone system fame, is a company that I am familiar with, but I didn't know much of the specifics of their growth and corporate culture. I enjoy AppSumo's Action Videos for the insider's look not just at issues facing startups and tech-folk, but at the companies and people that make up the sector. Jonathan walked us through A WHOLE BUNCH of practical examples and solid knowledge about how to exploit brand perception to promote and convert. It was very interesting stuff.

Brass tacks: I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I had a blast and walked away with a few ideas for how to firm up the ways that customers (potential and current) interact with Denver Seitan Company. The video was 41 minutes, but it went by super-fast. Using my arbitrary ratings system, I'd give this one 8/10 magical glowing stars of fury.