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Best Ad of 2009: Creating a Creative Campaign that Reaches the Right People

After a complete rebrand, Grasshopper.com created a viral video and corresponding direct mail’esque campaign to get the word out about their company. The video below promotes the Grasshopper Entrepreneur Movement versus their actual service. Such a cool concept, because I didn’t think twice about sending this along to other entrepreneurs in my life as well as friends and family who were considering the leap (all of Grasshopper.com’s target audience).

Oh, but wait, there’s more!

On top of producing a viral video that spoke to their target market without overtly selling to them, they also sent chocolate covered grasshoppers to 5,000 influencers. Each package was sent via FedEx with nothing more but a package of chocolate grasshoppers; no press release or marketing materials. Watch the online videos and read the tweets and blog posts that stemmed from their campaign at We FedEx’d what?!

While this did wonders for exposure- Mashable reported some of the numbers related to their online exposure- I still wonder how this improved their actual sales.

Ovaleye is currently working on the launch of their rebrand in January.  We are currently in the middle of brainstorming similar concepts for promoting our services. If you could do one thing in 2010 that would get your brand noticed, what would it be?