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Sifting The Startup Scene For Small Business Tools

Since nobody works harder than the people running small businesses, nobody stands to benefit more from the improved efficiency, reach and impact offered by new digital tools.

But – and this is a big but! – over-extended small business owners often don’t have the time to explore new products, and they don’t have the staff to whom they can delegate this task. With that in mind, here’s a quick rundown of some companies in the Boston startup scene that small businesses may want to be aware of.

Also, if this subject interests you, come on over to MassChallenge for a free event called Top Tools for Small Businesses, happening this coming Monday night, July 23rd. It’s a panel discussion, moderated by Debi Kleiman, President of MITX, followed by free beer & pizza thanks to Trillium Brewing Company, The Family Business Association and the law firm Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers. Click here for more info. (Disclaimer: my company is represented on the panel, along with Privy and Pingup, both of which are awesome).


It’s not a generic service for all small businesses, but it does provide resources to 125 high-growth startups every year. So if you’re business might be one of them, then you’ll want to be part of this community. The other reason MassChallenge is relevant here is because they so heavily vet the companies that participate. So if you see a product or service that intrigues you and it’s from a MassChallenge company, you can be confident that this team and the concept have passed through a rigorous judging process from investors, IP lawyers, and business experts.


Grasshopper makes it easy for small business to immediately punch above their weight by making your cell phone feel like a sophisticated, Fortune 500 phone presence for the customers and prospects that you’re trying to serve and impress.