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GotVMail Ringing In Virtual Phone Success for Web Entrepreneurs

When entrepreneur Stephen Schramke founded Bainbridge Island, Wa., data mining firm, Logic361, he knew the algorithm he had developed for saving companies up to 40% of their Google Adwords advertising costs would spread as wildly as the blackberry bushes outside his bayside office. What he didn’t expect was how quickly along the garden path to signing accounts like Home Depot and Real Networks, his business telephone, mobile phone, and even his personal phone, would consume ever-increasing amounts of his time.

An analyst who focuses on mining value and efficiency right down to the search engine keyword level, Schramke knew that managing his phone activity 24/7 would be the vital link for keeping clients well-served, channeling new business queries to the right people, and scaling his fledgling company’s growth.

After conducting a Google search of his own for “virtual telephony,” Stephen landed on a resource that thousands of other SMB owners claim has been liberating to their time and office management. By leveraging the digital dexterity of a highly innovative brand of telephonic magic from a company called GotVMail, Logic 361’s owner “felt like I had been set free.”

GotVMail’s virtual switchboard service lets business owners like Schramke extricate themselves from becoming virtual receptionists, letting them prioritize their attention on what they do best. Within minutes of GotVMail activation, incoming calls can track down employees anywhere inside or outside of an organization, whether they’re around the corner or in another time zone. What’s more, the system can acrobatically screen callers, take and email messages, digitize faxes, archive call logs and do it all for virtual pocket change with online fingertip controls.

Recently ranked number 66 on the Inc. 500 roster of fastest growing private companies,GotVMail designed its virtual phone system from the ground up for on-the-go entrepreneurs like Schramke who work with clients and partners at a variety of virtual locations, but don’t want to see new business leads fall between the cracks.

GotVMail’s co-founders Siamak Taghaddos and David Hauser, are credited as being among the youngest entrepreneurs ever to blaze the Inc. 500 at just 25-years-of age.

According to one analyst, GotVMail transforms the business telephone system from a “cost of doing business” to a tool that increases customer satisfaction and cultivates sales by connecting employees, partners and customers to the people and data they need, anytime, anywhere. [24x7]