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GotVMail? Check it out...

(Scot Yount, NECN: ) - The computerized world we all live in has given lots of business people new freedom. There’s no need to be tied to the office—or even have an office. But, how do you “sound” like you have a big office? A fast growing company in Needham, Massachusetts has the answer.

It used to be that only big businesses could afford an impressive phone service, but now the little guys can sound as big as they want. It’s a virtual phone system for small businesses and it’s called GotVMail. It’s all Web-based so a small business no longer needs to go buy an expensive phone system.

You sign up online, just $10 a month, to start. You pick a voice and a language. Actors can record custom greetings for you. Then, you design the way you want it to work when a customer calls. You can get the call routed to your cell phone.

So, even if you tech support is in London, and you are running things from Boston, as far as the customer is concerned, it sounds like you are a big deal—ideal, if you are just starting out.

GotVMail has been around for five years and is doubling its income each year. It’s the brain child of two Babson College buddies. So far, the company has served 50,000 customers.