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Grasshopper is everywhere

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A New Way to Answer the Phone

Just because you’re a start-up company, that doesn’t mean you have to sound like one on the phone. A new service called Grasshopper (formerly gotvmail) provides an easy-to-use phone system, specifically geared toward entrepreneurs.

Knowing that small business employees are constantly running around building their company–and that they may be yet to secure the funds to hire someone to answer phones– Grasshopper allows calls to come into one central service, but be forwarded to any number of people, in any number of locations. Whether it’s a cell, a hotel in Phoenix, or the office desk, the call will come in. You can also receive faxes by e-mail and get voicemails on your mobile device, without the hassle of installing another application.

Don’t think we’re getting paid by Grasshopper to share news about their company. We just really like their product. After all, Global Entrepreneurship Week is about helping people turn their ideas into reality. And to get that done, you have to answer the phone.