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Voicemail gets small Boston company gets big helping small business

For businesses of all sizes, it’s important to stay connected.

Large corporations have huge servers and $100,000 phone systems just to help their employees and customers stay in touch.

Small businesses and young entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of those expensive phone systems, and that’s where GotVMail can help.

Siamak Taghaddos is the company’s co-founder, president and CEO. This 25 year-old entrepreneur, along with his business partner, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, David Hauser, were recently named small business “Power Players” by Entrepreneur magazine. GotVMail was named a “Best New Company” finalist at the 2006 American Business Awards.

“[GotVMail fills] the void by enabling entrepreneurs to grow their small businesses wherever they work from,” Taghaddos said.

Taghaddos explained many small business owners work from home, but if that business has a lot of employees, there is no central ‘switchboard’ that can connect customers to clients.

“One person works from home, another works from home and another works in Los Angeles. There’s no real phone system that can handle that,” Taghaddos said.

With GotVMail’s virtual phone system, the customer gets an 800 number and their clients hear a greeting just as if they were calling a big businesses phone system.

Prices for GotVMail’s service start at under $10 per month.

GotVMail currently has over 20,000 active small business customers throughout North America. All the hardware and software that goes into making GotVMail run is handled by their staff of about 30 from their Weston headquarters.