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The 2006 Top 40 Under 40

Call it 2006’s most promising young guns. The top 40 under 40 list is our remarkable selection of those talented young leaders who, with deep understanding of today’s fast changing technology, had the extraordinary ability to develop a new variety of business models with a vision for the future and community involvement. The incredible part, that each of them made their dreams come true at a very young age.

In the selection process, American Venture Magazine considered the nominees’ achievements and ground-breaking efforts in the following areas: vision, leadership, development strategies, innovation and achievement.

Each of them has a captivating story. Among the finalists you’ll find: a policeman, ready for a change, who decided to experiment in the corporate world; a medical doctor now running a business rules company; a patient who healed and began his journey in business from his hospital bed; a child actor who became a serial entrepreneur and many others who reveal a fresh entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll recognize some of the names awarded here as key players in their particular business fields.

Through their passion, they embrace risks and commit to what they believe in. They are definitely doing something right. These are the finalists American Venture Magazine wished to honor for their attitudes and accomplishments. We hope you enjoy their stories.

Florencia Lazaroni

Top AVM Forty Under Forty

40: Siamak Taghaddos & David Hauser
GotVMail Communications

As President and CEO of GotVMail Communications, Siamak Taghaddos guides the company’s mission of providing virtual phone service to small businesses. As Chief Technology Officer of GotVMail Communications, David Hauser is responsible for developing the company’s overall technology roadmap, promoting GotVMail’s continuous innovation, and managing its global carrier grade network. GotVMail is doing what larger, more established telecommunications companies have failed to do time and again:  Make money serving very small businesses — those companies in single offices or storefronts, home offices, geographically dispersed offices, even “virtual” offices.

How did they make it: GotVMail’s co-founders agree that developing a recurring revenue business as well as focusing on customer service have been key to the company’s success, allowing the company to receive revenues on an ongoing basis while reinvesting those investments into building the business. “If GotVMail sold a physical product,” explains Taghaddos, “possibly we could focus our business on individual transactions. Instead, as a service provider that can only grow if our customers stay loyal to us month after month, it is imperative that we stay on top of, and meet, their everyday needs.”

“We consider ourselves entrepreneurs serving other entrepreneurs. We developed GotVMail’s monthly service to address the specific telecommunications needs of entrepreneurs and small business people.”