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Grasshopper is everywhere

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OK, I'll bite ... but I won't eat a grasshopper

Object-oriented public relations gimmicks are usually lame, but every so often one jumps up and grabs my attention in a good way. This arrived via FedEx moments ago:

“Yes, these are real grasshoppers,” says the fine print on the front of the white package, slightly bigger than a deck of cards, and obviously containing something, uh, crunchy. “They’ve even been approved by the FDA of Thailand.”

My first question: Exactly how much comfort does one take from an FDA that encourages bug consumption?

Behind the gimmick is a company called—what do you think?—Grasshopper (formerly GotVMail), which has adopted the moniker in a rebranding effort. Established in 2003, Grasshopper provides telephone services to entrepreneurs and their fledgling companies, which I only know because the package of grasshoppers lured me to their Web site.

On the back of the package:

“You’re a risk-taker, a dream-realizer. What’s left to do that you haven’t already done? Eat a grasshopper. They’re farm-raised, covered in chocolate and rich in protein. So, not only will you be breaking boundaries, but you’ll be eating healthy, too.”

Oh, they’re farm-raised and good for me? That’s dif ... No, I still won’t eat a grasshopper ... unless maybe if it gets me a guest spot on “Survivorman.”

But perhaps Scooter would like one; he’s piggish about crickets. Does anyone know if leopard geckos eat chocolate-covered grasshoppers?