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Grasshopper vs. Google Voice

So now that most entrepreneurs and businesses are familiar with Google Voice let me tell you what you are missing out.

I have been with Grasshopper for over a year now, formally well known as GotVMail.
As an entrepreneur taking on different aspects of business deals Google Voice was just not cutting any deal for me. It’s nice tool but nothing I would switch to for many reasons and here are some that I think business owners or entrepreneurs as my self should not consider cheap over business.

  1. Cost with Google Voice is cheap but that’s what most people think! It really isn’t because A. you are paying for minutes with your mobile provider or B. you are paying national call with your home phone service.
  2. Did you know that people in Cali did not have any service with Google voice “Phone Number” for 2 days? Or your phone-call get’s dropped after 15 minutes (Gizmodo) or many more (Google Dropped Calls).
  3. Customer support: All I can say is Good Luck With That!

I mean there is many features that google voice needs to improve over regular 1800-1888 phone services to be a “good competitor”

Grasshopper on the other hand I really can do with my phone number what I want.

  • Record custom voice mail
  • 24/7 live customer service
  • I can navigate customer/caller to anywhere I want (Example: Create faq. Press 1 if you have issue with iPhone Wifi…. Press 2 if you are calling Joe Hobot etc…..
  • I can set my schedule business hours, I don’t want people to call me on my cell after 10pm period!

I mean those are just some of the things that people just don’t see and think oh I have Google Voice it’s cheap, Yeah… but if you are business man or somebody that relies on phone calls cheap isn’t the answer,when you are loosing customer’s. On top of that seriously... would you rather have somebody call you via 515-123-4567 or 1-888-123-4567 TOLL- FREE?

Feel free to call me: 1-888-720-1934