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Virtual Phone System For Entrepreneurs – with David Hauser

It’s been a long time since we have posted an audio interview.

We were busy getting some other projects up and running, namely Local & Mobile Marketing Services for small to medium businesses.

Here are some of the things we talk about in this interview.

  1. What grasshopper is all about and how their phone system works for the entrepreneur.
  2. Is their system more for the established entrepreneur or even for the one who is just getting their feet wet with entrepreneurship?
  3. Where do they find most of their customers being for this system?
  4. The history of entrepreneurship in his family and how it shaped his vision of being an entrepreneur.
  5. How he looks at ‘how not to fail’ instead of looking at ‘what if I fail?’
  6. How they got their first customers 7 years ago? And how did they grow their business from there?
  7. The success they saw in their referral program and how it continues to bring in customers to them today.
  8. His definition of success and how they achieve it everyday in their business.
  9. How their core values define their value as a business and how they give customer service everyday.
  10. How they brought expertise to the company by hiring a great staff. Who go with their company’s culture and core values.
  11. How they always look at moving forward and don’t look at what they could have done things differently.
  12. His advice to young entrepreneurs who are looking to go into entrepreneurship.
  13. How not having passion for what you are doing could hurt you in the long run.
  14. The biggest mistake they made early on was to grow too quickly without realizing their core values. Listen as he tells us the lessons learned from that mistake.
  15. How his typical day changed from the beginning to now after 7 years.
  16. How times when you are limited in capital can force you to make smart business decisions and how it helped them to be as lean as possible with their spending
  17. Some of the daily challenges he faces as an entrepreneur
  18. Some of the challenges he faces deals with time. Listen how he balances the time between family and life.
  19. What stops David Hauser from throwing in the towel each day?
  20. Success stories from some of their clients.
  21. How his parents have been the greatest inspiration for him. Find out why in the interview.
  22. Creating a personal brand for a product and how long it takes for a business or an entrepreneur to create a personal brand.