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LessAccounting features Grasshopper - LessAccounting.com's referrer traffic 2011 breakdown

I’ve often wondered where other apps get their traffic…

In 2011 we spent $0 on advertising for our LessAccounting.com application. Our traffic and revenue isn’t in the millions yet, but we’re growing at a steady rate. The following is a breakdown of the referral traffic we’ve received, where it came from and how/why we got linked on those sites.

I guess the lesson is that every little bit of traffic helps. Every mention you receive about one of your blog post helps. There hasn’t been any one link that has skyrocketed our traffic and revenue. It’s always been a slow and steady curve upwards.

I look for easy wins; places to ghost write or people to connect with who need our services and/or could provide promotion with our potential audience.

FreelanceSwitch.com = 10,000+ Clicks
I’ve written 4 articles for FreelanceSwitch, and we’ve also been written about in 4 articles. The articles I’ve written can be found here and the articles that mention us (having to do with invoicing and accounting apps) can be found here. An easy win would be adding your app to their directory.

LessEverything.com, Our Project Page and Our Blog = 8,000+ Clicks
Blogging on LessEverything.com has been a great source of traffic for all our apps. Our blog posts get linked in other blogs, mentioned on twitter and have helped build our creditability in the start-up community.

Basecamphq.com and HighriseHQ.com = 7,000+ Clicks
My advice, integrate with Basecamp and Highrise. Being listed in their Extras page will result in traffic. LessAccounting’s integration is simply that we import contacts from Basecamp and Highrise. Those few hours of work have resulted in a recent amount of qualified traffic. Being mentioned on the 37signals’ product blog only resulted in 200 clicks…

CSSMania.com = 2,500 Clicks
Always submit new designs to this directory. I submitted two design revision in 2011 to CSSMania. Submitting your new design only takes 2 minutes and will result in thousands of clicks. This is an easy win for traffic.

Workingwithrails.com = 186 Clicks
186 clicks is nothing, right? Right, but Steve and I adding links into our workingwithrails.com profiles wasn’t too hard either.

Grasshopper.com = 1,000+ clicks
We’re listed in several places on Grasshopper’s website. They’ve blogged about us, they’ve listed us as “companies we love”, and we’re also on the partners page.