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Making Small Business Look Bigger

Starting a small business can have many challenges for any entrepreneur.  Getting the word out about your business, getting your website created or completed, finding clients, having the means for your clients to contact you, office space, (deciding is it necessary), hiring , book keeping and everything else just further complicates the start-up process. It’s endless and makes starting a business seem like such a daunting task. But just because you have or are starting a small business, doesn’t mean that you have to look like one.

There are many ways to enhance your small business, making it look bigger, at relatively inexpensive costs. Everyone has to start somewhere, but think about things from the customer’s perspective. Think about a time when you were searching for businesses that you wanted to work with for personal use. Did you choose the smallest entity you could find, one that did not have a website or even have a business card to give you? Probably not! Chances are you decided to look a little further to find someone you felt was more “experienced” in their field. If that’s something you’ve done, then chances are your small business may lose customers for the same reason. Starting a new business can be a very expensive venture. Following are some fairly inexpensive suggestions that you can execute in order to make your small business look more like an established corporate entity.

Business Cards

What better way is there to let people know how to contact you than with a business card? In the business world, it is a given that you will have a business card. When you meet knew clients, business colleagues or prospective investors, more often than not you will be asked for your business card. Although cards can be expensive depending on the design, card stock and colors you use, you can get free business cards for the cost of shipping through VistaPrint.com. This is not meant to be a permanent solution, as you have limited designs you can choose from, but it’s a great remedy for small businesses just starting out. Make sure you carry your business cards with you at all times. You never know when the need to have one will arise.

Checking Account

This is one area that you probably never thought about. When you open your business checking account, make sure that the checks you order start with a number no less than 1000, preferably 2000 or more. When you have checks numbered under 1000, it appears as if you have been in business for a short time. Even if you have, there’s no need to advertise that with your check book! The entity you choose to bank with will often ask you what number you would like to start your checks with. But if they don’t, then you should ask them. Most banks offer this benefit. Bank of America, M&T Bank (East Coast) and Wachovia (East Coast, TX and CA) are a few banks in the US that give you this option.