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A Must-See Video: Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

I met and connected with a great, BIG person today — entrepreneur Ileana Kane — who turned us on to this video. Turn on your computer’s audio, turn up the volume, and check it out. Wondering what it means to be BIG? Looking for inspiration to look at life through a new lens and make things happen? Watch this — again and again…

Oh, by the way, the video is an example of brilliant, viral business marketing, too. It was produced by Grasshopper.com, a company that sells virtual telephone systems targeted at entrepreneurs. We have no affiliation with Grasshopper, but we gladly distribute this video here because we love it so much. I’m sure we’re not the only ones to do this.

Grasshopper spent about $18,000 to produce the video, according to a post on its blog.  The folks at Nestle loved the video so much that they offered to Grasshopper for the rights to it. Grasshopper told Nestle, instead, to donate $20,000 to charity.

I don’t know much about Grasshopper, but I know it was a bold and innovative move to produce this video. And given the message in the video and the donation to charity, I know Grasshopper is a generous company, too. That’s BIG business in the best sense of the word.