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Don't do it all yourself

If you work for yourself, you’re doing something you love. However, you’re probably spending hours on administrative work that frustrates you. You’ve been told to use virtual assistants or sub-contractors. Maybe using a virtual assistant to book your travel, organize contacts and receipts, or answer your email. If they charge you less than your billable rate, there’s an easy business case for it. But there are hidden costs: the time it takes to find the right person and the hours you spend managing them.

Don’t fret, there’s a happy medium you can start using today: proven web services. There are a lot of great web services that can save you hours every week. They’ll cost you a small monthly fee but the hours they free up can be spent doing what you’re the best at. Those hours can now be billable so you can get a quick return on your investment.

  • Have a shoebox of expense receipts? Get Shoeboxed to organize them.
  • Need a professional phone system? Let Grasshopper answer your calls.
  • Manage your own hosting? Let Rackspace worry about it.
  • Disorganized business contacts? Tag them in BatchBook (or send your business cards to Shoeboxed).
  • Lost track of the leads coming from your website? Have Wufoo receive and organize them.
  • Writing your invoices in Excel? Send and manage invoices with…

I’ll let you can figure out the last one.

Don’t waste your time on a problem that has been solved before. The right person can really help you out, but finding them can take time. Use a proven web service today so you can get a return on your investment right away. Spend more time on what you love.