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Not in Boston, But Need a Place to Work? Grasshopper Group Opens its Doors to Startups

For bootstrapped startups finding professional office space is tough, but essential. Working out of your apartments and coffee shops only lasts for so long. And holding meetings in your mom’s basement is just not cool. In Boston, there are plenty of open spaces to work out of, like WorkBar, but what about outside the city?

Entrepreneur friendly Grasshopper has just announced that they are opening up their office space in Needham Mass for startups to call home. There is no cost to rent a desk or utilize their conference rooms, however there is a $75 a month fee to cover the essentials, ya know coffee, snacks and beer.

In an email to BostInno, GrassHopper Ambassador of Buzz Jonathan Kay said, “We are all really excited about opening up our office to determined entrepreneurs. We know that there are a ton of folks outside the city without access to coworking space and we can solve that problem. The addition of new companies will add to our great existing office culture and we all cannot wait to work next to a fresh crop of startups.”

Here is everything that you need to know about the new space:


We want to open up our office to hook up cool Boston Area start ups with a place to work. We have some extra space and know how important it is for entrepreneurs to surround themselves with other creative, motivated, & fun people. We want to provide that type of environment for those entrepreneurs hustling out of their homes, closing deals from their couch.


I know what you’re thinking…”Cost?!?! – but it said Free Space?? Wtf?”. We don’t want rent, or even anything remotely close to it. We are simply asking for $75 each month to cover supplies. We want you to feel like our home is your home…and we provide tons of free snacks, sodas, coffee etc. Your $75 helps us scale up our snack game and Internet bandwidth to accommodate more people! I mean think about it….all the pens, highlighters, staples, and blank white paper you could ever want.

Is there an application process?

No. We think applications suck. But we do however want to learn a little bit more about you. We want to make sure the entrepreneurs we hook up are really getting after it. We want to make sure you are working on a real company/idea and that you will add value to our culture, not hurt it.

OK, this rocks! How do I get involved?

Fill out the super simple form below, and tell us a bit about what you’re up to. Also, we are going to be holding an “open house” each Friday from 3-5pm. That way you (or you and your team) can come check it out, meet the team, etc. And yes….we will have beer =)


197 1st Ave
Suite 200 (we have the entire 2nd floor)
Needham, MA 02494