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BostInno features Grasshopper - What’s Your Dream Startup Team? Make One and Win Tickets to the Final Four

Who's your ideal CEO? Mark Zuckerberg? Zappos's Tony Hsieh? Dropbox's Drew Houston? Grasshopper, a Boston-based virtual phone company, has launched a contest that lets you draft your startup dream team, with the top 16 teams being entered into bracket competition, to be decided via votes. The winner wins seats to see the Final Four.

I picked Robin Chase of Zipcar, I based my company in Boston (obviously), and I'll be raising financing via crowdfunding. What's your play? I even made up a company premise and pitch; we'll see if it's good enough to get into the top 16.

Here's what you have to pick to create a team:

  • CEO
  • Location
  • Product type
  • Funding
  • Exit strategy
  • Name
  • Pitch