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Need a Phone System for Your Business? Try Grasshopper, Pay What You Want

Grasshopper,  a.k.a. “the entrepreneur’s phone system,” gives startups and small businesses a local or toll-free phone number, a customized greeting,  unlimited extensions, and a boatload of other make-your-biz-look-professional features.

Plans start at $9.95 per month, but if you hustle (and I mean hustle) over to AppSumo, you can buy a $100 Grasshopper credit for whatever price you want. Think $20 is fair? Sold. $10? Deal. And, yes, you can even buy in for a buck.

The credit can be applied to whatever plan you want. For example, if you choose Pay As You Grow ($9.95/month), it’s like getting 10 months for, well, whatever price you decided to pay. Or try the $24/month Ramp plan, which includes 500 voice minutes. That would net you around four months of service. Whatever you choose, it’s a steal.

AppSumo’s deal (for new Grasshopper customers only) runs through Friday, Jan. 8, but they have a limited number of credits available, so it could sell out before then.

Here’s a quick overview of what Grasshopper has to offer. If you’re starting or expanding your business, it might prove to be the perfect phone system.