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Grasshopper Raises $20,000 for Ashoka with Great Video

Grasshopper is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get started and succeed. Their flagship product is a phone system designed for entrepreneurs.

To help inspire people to start a business and live their dreams last year they created a video, “Entrepreneurs Can Change the World”, which has so far recieved almost 350,000 views on YouTube.

All very cool. But it gets cooler. After numerous requests from people to license their video they eventually recieved an offer to good to refuse: $20,000 from Nestle to allow them to use the video internally.

I’ll let them describe what they decided to do with the money:

“We decided we wanted to donate the money to Ashoka (http://www.ashoka.org). Ashoka Youth Venture aims to help an entire generation of young people develop as leaders that will improve their communities now and throughout their lives by inspiring and supporting them to launch and lead their own civic-minded organizations and businesses. Ashoka believes that the greatest contribution we can make to the world is to increase dramatically the number of change makers today and in every future generation.”

Thank you so much to Grasshopper for your support! As always we couldn’t do this work without the support of those who believe, as we do, that everyone needs to have the opportunity to create change in their community, to be inspired and supported and encouraged to give themselves permission to be changemakers.

Grasshopper encourages people to think about how they can change the world. So they and Ashoka have a great deal in common. Check out the video they created - if you put the word “social” in front of the “entrepreneur” it would be a perfect match to our message. Great job everyone at Grasshopper!