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Product Showcase: VirtualOne

Sub-category:Outsourced hosted communications solution.

Pricing:Ranging from $9.99/month to $39.95/month.

Benefits to SMEs

  1. GotVMail frees the small business and home-based executive from the confines of their desk, allowing them to be productive without having to physically be on site. With the solution’s Follow Me capability, phone calls to the office are automatically directed to a cell phone, home, or office phone, extending the reach of the small or virtual office with advanced functionality for professionals on the go.
  2. GotVMail’s hosted communications solution is cost-effective for the small and home-based business looking to maximize the bottom line. Without the need to purchase capital equipment or software, GotVMail responds to the unique financial needs of the SME market. Businesses simply log onto www.gotvmail.com and select from a range of packages offering advanced telecommunications features starting at $9.95/month. Also, the single-leg billing feature reduces the overall cost of the solution - a feature not offered by the local phone company.
  3. VirtualOne makes it possible for small businesses to maintain the image and professionalism of a Fortune 500 organization. Customers can choose the number of extensions they would like, as well as have a hosted receptionist voice-over when potential clients call in. The local number availability allows customers to obtain virtual local numbers, regardless of their location, making it possible for small businesses to create a ‘local’ presence.

Four main features

  1. Toll Free Number or Local Number: Customers can have a custom vanity toll free number as well as a local number for a virtual presence anywhere in the US.
  2. Main Greeting/Auto Attendant with mailbox/extension options and a dial-by-name directory that delivers a Fortune 500 professional image to current and prospective clients.
  3. Find Me / Follow Me capabilities that provide callers with on-hold music of your choice while you are located at your office, home, cell phone - creating the impression of a single office. You may also transfer callers to other extensions or to voicemail while on a call.
  4. Web & Email Message Notification allows for you to receive voicemails via email as mp3 attachments as well as be notified not only by phone, but also by text messages to your cell phone or PDA.

Other CommentsThe VirtualOne comes with many more features that increase productivity and give small businesses a competitive advantage.