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Doing Sales Right: Grasshopper Leads the Entrepreneurial Movement

Grasshopper.com is next in our Doing Sales Right series.  Grasshopper is a virtual phone system for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Their online prowess is fairly well known in the blogosphere.  They did a major rebrand by shipping 5,000 chocolate covered grasshoppers (truly edible) via Fedex to bloggers and influencers online.  Then, to continue their wild at heart pursuit of serving the entrepreneur they created the Entrepreneurs Can Change the World video (screenshot below).

Now, they’ve hit another home run with the video spoof “The New Dork. Entrepreneur State of Mind

In the first week alone this video landed them coverage in TechCrunch, Mashable, Huffington Post, GizModo, Wall St Journal, Gookologie, and many more. In fact, Ashton Kutcher blogged and tweeted about it (he has 4.4 million followers). That’s pretty impressive.

At post time, the video had 421,472 views. Page views on Grasshopper.com are UP 40% and website traffic (unique visitors) increased 50%! Our “Click-through rate” of about 8.5% has outperformed the 2009 video ad average by over 5 times.

I spoke with David Hauser, co-founder, and caught the energy myself.  David was involved in both “The New Dork” and “Entrepreneurs Can Change the World” videos and I’ll share some of his thoughts and links to the marketing results in a Sales Rescue Team post later today.