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A Burning Edge for Digital Photographers

Five years ago, Andrea Fremiotti was working as a freelance photo assistant when two things struck him: photography was quickly moving away from film and toward digital capture; the digital equipment required for very high resolution images was beyond the financial means of most independent photographers. So at age 26, he started his own company, Burn Photo, to rent top of the line equipment to photographers who were doing high resolution work. The company has offices in Brooklyn and Atlanta.

“Our clients are typically doing advertising and fashion photography,” says Fremiotti, whose inventory includes cameras that might retail for between $30 -$50,000 – the kind of equipment needed to capture an image that might, for instance, end up on a billboard in Times Square. Photographers can drastically reduce their fixed costs by renting the equipment, along with one of Fremiotti’s digital technicians to assist with the photo shoot. Burn Photo’s equipment and technicians have been all over the world, including Buenos Aires, Alaska, and a multi-week photo shoot in Europe.

The company also offers other services in addition to equipment rental. For instance, Fremiotti and his stable of ten or so freelance technicians work directly with advertising agencies doing post-production retouching work on images that will appear in ads and in catalogues. And Burn Photo also has a file management and archiving service for photographers. “It used to be that everyone had cabinets full of negatives,” says Fremiotti. “When everyone started using digital, photographers would just buy more hard drives.” But that’s not always the safest or most efficient way to store images, he says. So Burn Photo archives images at two separate locations and makes them available for viewing online. “I try to cater to people who have a ton of files,” says Fremiotti. “We charge an import and delivery fee, but we keep the work safe.” Fremiotti actually has his own separate photography business and uses Burn’s archiving service.

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