You never know what kind of day you’re in for when you show up to work at Grasshopper each morning.  For a new hire, this is no different.

Steve Lorusso started at Grasshopper last week as our Director of Systems Design.  At Grasshopper, we like to make sure our new hires feel welcome and a part of the team right off the bat. With that said, check out Steve’s first day at Grasshopper below.

How do we welcome our new employees?

With a meet and greet! Steve started his day off with a hearty breakfast and the faces of 40 new co-workers greeting him.

How do new hires get to know their co-workers?

A cooler ride tour around the office is the only way we know how at Grasshopper. Steve got a tour of the office by Andy, our Culture Evangelist, stopping at each person’s cube for a visit.

So…how was Steve’s first day at Grasshopper?

Watch the video below for a recap of Steve’s first day here at Grasshopper.

We’re very excited to have Steve on board! Stay tuned for our next new hire welcome in just a few weeks. Also be sure to check out our Careers page for openings here at Grasshopper.

How does your office welcome new employees? We would love to hear.