Payvment Logo

Today we’d like to welcome our newest partner, Payvment.  Payvment is the #1 social commerce platform on Facebook whose goal is to connect people, products and conversations in new ways to reinvent online shopping.

Payvment helps you take advantage of the billion plus conversations happening on Facebook and Twitter every day.  So, how do they do that?

Well, Payvment enables small business owners like you to open a free store on Facebook (in minutes we might add…) that’ll help you turn your comments and likes into sales for your business. Cool, right? With a Payvment store, your customers can easily browse your products, share them with their friends AND buy right there on Facebook.

One of the best parts about Payvment is that people are already on Facebook and socializing there every day so you’re not asking people to do anything different.  They’re just helping you better connect with your customers where they’re already spending a good chunk of their time.

Want to give it a try? Check it out here.