A virtual phone system can help alleviate the problems construction companies face when their employees are on site, out of the office meeting with prospective clients, or in the car driving from site to site.

Here are 5 benefits to using a virtual phone system for your construction company.

Custom Main Greeting

With a virtual phone system, there is no need to pay a receptionist to sit in the office to field all of your incoming calls.  Construction companies can benefit from a virtual receptionist that handles all of the incoming calls and routes them accordingly.  This way your customers never hear a busy signal, and your calls are always answered and routed to the appropriate person or mailbox based on the extensions chosen by the caller.

Employee Extensions

As a small construction company, you can better manage your calls with the unlimited extensions feature of a virtual phone system.  Virtual phone systems allow you to set up extensions for each individual employee, informational and sales extensions, even a Q & A extension for you to follow up on when you have time.

Voicemails via Email

A virtual phone system also gives you the ability to receive voicemails as an email.  You will never have to worry about being able to hear your voicemail over the noise on site again.   Reading your voicemails on your phone allows you to determine if you need to step away from the noise to take care of the issue or if it is something you can handle when you leave the site.

Call Forwarding

A virtual phone system can be vitalwhen an issue arises.  Should a shipment not show up, or the wrong materials get delivered, you will always be in the know.  The phone system will forward your call to as many phones as you want until it is answered.  This way you can deal with the issues in a timely manner and never miss an important phone call, regardless of your location.

Call Screening

On days when you are swamped at work, having the ability to screen your calls can make managing your time much easier.  When you receive a call on a virtual phone system, you can choose to answer it, hear the number, send it to voicemail, or better yet, request the caller announce themselves.  You can do all of this while your caller is on hold. Screening your calls helps you identify what calls you need to take and what calls you should send to voicemail to address at a later time.

The benefits of using a virtual phone system for your construction company are endless.  How is your company using a virtual phone system?