Feeling uninspired by the cover letters with grammar errors and the lackluster applications rolling in for your open position?

You may need to start looking for qualified candidates in some more unconventional places. Don’t worry — we’ve got some ideas for you.

From your favorite, most loved blogs to the podcasts you listen to on your commute, you may be missing opportunities to recruit uber-qualified candidates for that next project or gig. Let’s look at some unusual places you should start considering for spotting top talent.

Your Favorite Blogs

Even if you’re not hiring a candidate for a writing or communications role, looking for talent by reaching out to writers and contributors for your favorite blogs can help you spot subject matter experts. Plus, reading their writing lets you peek at the skill sets and expertise you can put to work for your business.

Bonus: Not only will you find people who really know their stuff, but you’ll also guarantee they can clearly express their ideas, too. After all, solid writers tend to translate ideas and concepts well into text and communicate effectively with others.


Scouting qualified candidates on Twitter is easier than it sounds: You just need to look for accounts backed by real human beings, having real conversations about subject matter that’s relevant to the role you’re looking to fill.

Now, we’re not talking about an automated account that churns out scheduled content hour after hour. Instead, look for people who are not only sharing content, but are discussing topics with others, too. They’re getting the most out of the platform by going back and forth — being social. These are the people who are building their authority within the niche — and they care about learning and sharing (which are A+ qualities for any new hire).

Your Website

Yes, you read that right. On your website. Have a link on your ‘Jobs’ or ‘Careers’ page that leaves an open-ended invitation for candidates to reach out if they’re interested in working for your company.

Letting candidates self-identify helps you spot highly motivated potential hires — and gives them an opportunity to prove they’re worth talking to. You never know… sometimes, the perfect candidate finds you, instead of the other way around.


If you hear an amazing podcast guest who might be a good fit for an open role at your business, track down his or her contact information and introduce yourself and the opportunity. Depending on how busy or sought-out the person is, your success rate will vary with this route — but it’s worth a shot.

Keep in mind that this is an especially unconventional (but effective) tactic for consulting/freelance/short-term projects. Many people speaking on podcasts aren’t looking for a full-time gig, but are open to taking on new clients.

Ask Your Connections

Our last suggestion might seem a little duh to some, but so often, we forget to ask around in our own network of connections before putting out an open-ended ad or call for applications. Send out an email or make a few calls to see if you know anyone who can make a referral and an introduction. You might save yourself a lot of time and interviewing in the process.

Try Something New and Snatch Amazing Talent

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. It’s time to try something new when it comes to filling open positions.

Start connecting with and recruiting uber-qualified candidates by perusing different channels like blogs, podcasts, social media, and more. You’ll be proactively reaching out to people who can deliver high-quality work.

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